Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Andrew is a friend from work.  Don't tell him, because he has a big enough head already, but he'll always be special to me.  He became my mentor at my very first job after graduation and generously taught me everything I needed to know.  His belief in me helped me find the confidence I needed to get my feet under me.  He's a straight shooter and always chooses practical action over abstract theory.  He's the guy you call when you need to know how to get it done.  Seriously, don't tell him I said so, but there's hardly anything he doesn't know a whole lot about.  

For Mother's Day for his lovely wife, he ordered her favorite, vanilla/vanilla.  So, for his birthday, I made him what I know to be one of his favorites, chocolate/chocolate as a fun birthday surprise.  Here they are, just some summertime joy, cupcake style.  


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