Sunday, October 17, 2010


Coffee.  I love coffee.  I can't imagine ever giving it up.  I'm miserable if I don't have it.  I'm even miserable if I don't have it the way I like it, which is with half & half and a little bit of sugar, please.  Dark roast, ultra roast, medium roast, yum.  Sumatra, Guatemala Antigua, Trader Joe's Bay Blend, Godess Kaffeina, yes!  And because I love it, I'd rather do without than drink terrilble coffee from a gas station or vending machine.  A vending machine?  Gasp!

It was this esteem for coffee that inspired these delicious morsels.  Chocolate cake with fresh brewed coffee buttercream, topped with a chocolate chip espresso shortbread cookie.  Heaven.  Plain and simple, heaven.