Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sunday Brunch

My friend Erin, you remember her from the jam post, comes to visit me a few times a year on holiday three-day weekends.  She lives about two and a half hours away so obviously that justifies the baking of cake!  As if I needed an excuse.  Humor me. 

Most recently, Erin visited over the Easter weekend.  These were the cakes we celebrated with.  We brought some to our friends Matt & Jenn, a ridiculously cute couple we brunched with at the world's best brunch spot, Honey's Sit & Eat in Philly's Northern Liberties neighborhood.  If you haven't been, stop what you're doing and go there.  On second thought, the hour wait for brunch is long enough.  Nevermind, go to Chili's, forget I said anything. 

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