Saturday, July 31, 2010

They Still Do!

Chip & Jane have been married for forty years.  Forty years!  To honor their milestone, Chip planned a ceremony to renew their vows in front of family and friends and a reception to celebrate, just like a regular wedding.  Oh, and he did it all as a surprise for his lovely wife.
Que romantico!

Chip ordered a chocolate chip cake with both raspberry buttercream and mocha buttercream, covered in vanilla buttercream and shaved white chocolate.  He wanted it to be in the style of a traditional, tiered wedding cake, but understated with a simple topper and very little embellishment. 

When Chip asked me to make the cake for their special day, I had to admit that it would be my first wedding cake, and in fact, my very first tiered cake.  He was all in, so I got to work researching the process of stacking cakes.  I had nothing to worry about because I can always count on good friend Lindsey, an extremely talented baker, to help me along the process with advice she picked up while baking her brother's wedding cake and the other gorgeous tiered cakes in her repertoire.  

Congratulations Chip & Jane!  I hope your special day was wonderful, and that you enjoyed the cake!  May your next 40 years together be filled with good health, tremendous joy and much laughter!


So when folks at the party heard there was a blog, everyone wanted a bite of the action.  Here they are, full of cake & love. 


  1. You did a lovely job! Chris forgot to mention you made the cake. I'm sure it looked even better in person and tasted delicious! I think you have yet another outlet to demonstrate your baking skill. Congratulations!

  2. omg i LOVE the action shots!